Dolla (stylised as DOLLA) is a Malaysian girl group formed in 2019 by Universal Music Malaysia. The group is composed of four members, Sabronzo, Tabby, Angel and Syasya. They are known for having an energetic live vocal and dance performance. Their official fanclub name is iDOLLA.


DOLLA is a combination of Doll, which is the sweet and feminine side and Dolla which is a much strong and mature side.


2019: Formation and Pre-debut Era

DOLLA was formed in August 2019 through an audition held by Universal Music Malaysia and the criteria the management set out was to recruit talented singers and dancers. The members therefore did not know each other before the formation of DOLLA. After the formation of the group, which did not have a name at the time, the members discussed on what to call themselves and finally chose the name “DOLLA” which was suggested by Angel. During their pre-debut era, they often performed at events to gain publicity and experience.

2020: Debut with Dolla Make You Wanna, Controversy, Collaborations and Impikan/Watch Me Glow

During the #RapstarEra Finals held at The Bee Republika, DOLLA revealed and performed Dolla Make You Wanna for the first time. As they haven’t officially debuted yet at the time, they had caught the attention of the audience with their energetic performance. On March 20, 2020, DOLLA released their debut single, Dolla Make You Wanna on digital platforms, as well as the music video of the song. They had garnered a lot of attention and also a lot of negative feedbacks. The girls turned down claims by netizens saying that they are copying the famous South Korean girl group, BLACKPINK. One of the members, Sabronzo stated that while they do look up to BLACKPINK for inspiration, any similar traits between the two groups are merely “coincidental”. Furthermore, she said that she thinks that DOLLA has an identity that is unique.[1]

Despite the backlash, DOLLA continued to collaborate with 16 other Malaysian singers to release “#jangankeluar", a hip hop song by Yonnyboii, which serves as a reminder to Malaysians to fight against the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic which emerged in 2020. Other than that, they also collaborated with other Southeast Asian artists, releasing HEAL under Star Music, on September 11.

On October 30, DOLLA released their second single, “Impikan” along with its English version, “Watch Me Glow”.

2021: We Care, Raya Raya Raya and Berani

DOLLA, in collaboration with Jannine Weigel, Alvin Chong and Nicole Lai under Allianz released a track titled We Care on January 15 which was also during member, Syasya's birthday. The track is a tribute to those who are affected by the COVID-19 pandemic and delivers a message to stand together and help each other. Later on April 30, DOLLA released their fourth single, Raya Raya Raya in conjunction of Eid celebration. The song trended on various platforms such as YouTube, Spotify as well as charted on charts for weeks after its release.



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  1. Bukan jelmaan BLACKPINK (in Malay) from Harian Metro.


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